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I have received many questions throughout my time as a photographer, so let me just put up here some of the more frequently asked ones.  Hope these help...and if you have any questions which aren't answered here just email me!!    

Where do we go?

Well, I have a couple different spots that I frequently take clients.  It really depends on where you are.  If you live in the West Valley, my favorite spot is the Sahuaro Ranch Park!  It has a great old-country-style feel to it and is saturated with bright greens, reds, and blues everywhere.  If you live in the East Valley, my favorite spot over there is the Goldfield Ghost Town!  It's a fantastic spot for an Old West theme and it has great buildings, trains, and vintage cars.  If you're right in the heart of Phoenix, I have several spots which I like to go to including Steele Indian ParkEncanto Park, and the Irish Cultural Center.  I love trying out new spots so feel free to shoot me any ideas or suggestions you have.

What should I wear?

I want you to be comfortable.  If you really like a pair of shoes, but they hurt your feet...you're going to be making pained faces in all of your photos!  Wear loose-fitting (but not baggy) clothing that you feel okay to move around in.  Try to stick with solid colors and please don't wear anything with small designs or shiny things covering it (e.g. sequins).  Think about what colors work best for you!  If you have naturally green eyes, try to pick a solid green color that matches!  

I don't feel comfortable with my pictures being online...

I totally get it!  No worries!  I offer private galleries online that are password protected.  They do come with a minimal fee of $25.

Great!  Now, what do I bring?

Anything you want!  Bring props, pets, extended family, food, drinks...did I mention food?  These photos are about you!  If there is something in your life that defines who you are and you want to include it...feel free!  If you know that you have a restless 4 year old who loves to run around and doesn't want to stay still....bring along their favorite toy or something that you know will keep them preoccupied in those down moments.

Oh, NO!!  I lost all the photos in a fire, do you still have them?

Definitely!!  I keep a digital version of all my photos.  If something happens and you need your photos sent to you again.... Don't worry, I'll still have them!  Just contact me:  katherynnavas@gmail.com or 480-993-9641

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